Insurance Fraud Bureau reduces document handling time by 80 percent

Saving storage, staff time and printer cost wasted during prosecution

The Insurance Fraud Bureau of Massachusetts investigates approximately 4,000 potential fraud cases a year. It manages numerous documents related to these investigations, 80 percent of which were paper and 20 percent were electronic. When an investigation kicked off, the bureau bundled up paper documents and printed out electronic documents making the entire process paper-based.

“Before, we had to stick someone in front of a copy machine to copy thousands of documents,” says IFB’s IT Development Manager Ira Dobrow. “All the papers went into a box, which the investigator wouldn’t get until someone dropped it off. A process that could be delayed up to a week, which caused frustration for all parties involved.”

Tracking down documents was time-consuming and created delays in case processing. Dobrow needed a way to expedite the case investigation process and sought a solution from Nintex partner KnowledgeLake.

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Products used by Insurance Fraud Bureau
The Insurance Fraud Bureau of Massachusetts is an investigative agency dedicated to the systematic elimination of fraudulent insurance transactions. Authorized by an act of the Massachusetts Legislature and signed into law in 1990, the Insurance Fraud Bureau conducts criminal investigations and refers appropriate cases for criminal prosecution.

Business Situation

The Insurance Fraud Bureau of Massachusetts investigates cases on behalf of its insurance company clients. The paper intensive process involved boxes of documents, and a manual review process, which challenged staff time and storage capacity.


By integrating Nintex, IFB now scans all documents into electronic form, saves all documents into an online library and has automated the copying and printing process.

Centralized document management workflow

All documents are now scanned into electronic format, put into a central online document library, tagged to the correct case and routed accordingly. Distributing paper documents is no longer necessary, and the new process shaves a week off each investigation. With the online document library, team members can access investigation materials from within the line of business applications.

Automating the investigation process helped the bureau reduce copying and printing costs by about $5,000 a year and eliminated the need for paper storage of documents.


Reduced copying and printing costs by about $5,000 per year

I think everybody will recognize the idea that SharePoint can be a bit overwhelming at the beginning. It was really comforting to have a tool like Nintex to attack those issues in a really easy-to-use but powerful environment."

Ira Dobrow, Insurance Fraud Bureau of Massachusetts,IT development manager